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Dr. Roy Murrell, DC 200 NE 20th Avenue, Suite 140 Portland Oregon 97232 - disclaimer - 971-312-9497

I graduated with a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon in 1987, and have more than 22 years experience in private practice. Currently my office is on NE 20th Ave, between Burnside and Sandy.Roy609A

My focus is on general orthopedic care for back pain. I also treat extremity problems of the shoulder, forearm/wrist, knee, and ankle/foot. Most extremity pain is not injury related but occurs due to micro-stress from muscle tension and abnormal biomechanical motion and responds well to mobilization techniques. I also work with Image Labs in making custom neutral casting orthotics that help with foot support and control which can reduce stress on the foot, knees, and hips.

My treatment philosophy emphasizes a whole body approach. The spine is the key integrative structure in the body and it is important to evaluate it in its entirety. I also put a great deal of importance on stretching and exercise. Long term stability, almost without exception, comes from strength and flexibility. Most pain syndromes are associated with muscle weakness causing skeletal instability, joint dysfunction, inflammation, and pain. Chiropractic adjustments are very effective at restoring joint range-of-motion, which will rapidly reduce tissue inflammation, however, it is imperative that you follow treatment with a rehabilitation program aimed at rebuilding strength and maintaining flexibility. I will show you what stretches and exercises are important for your specific problem and how to do them correctly.

Should your circumstances require treatment modalities outside my practice, I will be happy to refer you to health care associates I know and trust.

I am also very interested in nutrition and its role in our health and well-being. Nutrition is a constantly changing science as new studies emerge and are challenged. Nutraceuticals and Glycobiology have been the focus of my research. I am happy to discuss with you your questions and concerns, and share the insights I have gained over the years. This website also includes numerous articles evaluating the role of supplements.

My priority will always be to improve your health and well being.




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